Residential Ground Mount – 3ph String Inverter– Martinborough

Case Study

In cases where the roof is not suitable to accommodate the desired number of modules, due to orientation or square meterage, another option is to Ground Mount an array. This might also be preferable for larger sites where there is enough space to site a Ground Mounted array a short distance from the home in an unobtrusive position.

As the name suggests a Ground Mount system consists of a rack and rail system concreted into the ground. This can either be a full aluminium system, or alternately we can provide advice for your builder on how to construct a framing system from timber if preferred. The added benefit of this system is that we can then optimise the orientation and pitch of the Modules to maximise generation.

A trench is then required to carry the cabling in conduit from the array into the home. Most inverters are IP65 rated which means they are suitable for external mounting, so the inverter can be mounted on the frame or internally.

In this case there was not enough North facing roof space to accommodate the 32 modules in the array, and being that this was a large lifestyle block with a suitably concealed site for the array within 30m of the home, the decision was made to ground mount the array. The array was laid out in 2 rows of 16 modules using the Aluminium framing system, and the 10kW SMA STP Inverter was mounted in a timber cabinet constructed by the builder for additional weather protection and was mounted to the aluminium framing.