PV Solar Solutions

PV Solar Solutions

The solar industry is constantly evolving through technological development, and the efficiency of panels has increased significantly over recent years, much to the benefit of the consumer. The standard panel used to be 250 Watts per panel (kWp) around four years ago, but a panel of approximately the same dimensions is now 330 Watts; so, the efficiency and generation output has leapt by around 32% in only a few years.

The average cost per Watt has simultaneously decreased as global investment in Photovoltaics as a source of clean energy in both residential and commercial sectors has soared. Consequently, the volume of Solar PV is being manufactured on a far greater scale, and manufacturing technology has also evolved; both of which ultimately benefit the consumer.

Although panel development is an ongoing process, more recently the gains in panel efficiency have slowed as peak efficiency has plateaued, but other innovations such as split cell modules have been introduced to make overall performance more effective.

More recently industry effort has been focussed on optimising the efficiency and cost of battery solutions in order to maximise the return on investment in Solar for the consumer by being able to store daytime generated. Lithium-ion solutions are the front runner in this field, having replaced convention lead-acid and Gel batteries, and there are now a range of manufacturers producing range of battery options.

Between the optimised Solar panel performance, and the development of more efficient and cost-effective battery solutions, there is no better time to invest in Solar for your home or commercial operation than right now.

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