Commercial – String Inverter

Case Study

When constructing a new Gymnasium at the Whenuapai Air Base Solaflex Laminates were specified to complement the espan470 tray roofing on the project. They saw value in the wind resistance properties of the product due to the nearby operations of helicopters and the rotor wash experienced they generated, and the fact that Solaflex has superior generation capacity in flat pitch conditions such as this roof design involved.

However, the product and the system we designed had to pass through an extensive review process by external third party consultant electrical engineers to ensure it provided an effective solution.

This array consisted of a 20kW SMA STP Sting Inverter and 76 Solaflex strips evenly distributed across the two roof planes. This is a significant array size, but the base with all the various buildings and facilities it includes means that it is effectively its own network, so any energy generated by the array surplus to the immediate requirements of the gym would be consumed elsewhere on the base, eliminating the need to export to the Grid.

Their intention is to expand the array further in the future based on the success of the current array which we look forward to completing in due course.