Battery Solutions


We offer tailored battery solutions for both off-grid and grid tied solutions to suit your individual requirements.

Battery technology and the range of solutions’ available have been evolving rapidly in recent years. The development of Lithium-ion technology presents significant increases in performance, longevity and efficiency over conventional battery technology.

Integrating a battery facility into a Solar system is an effective way to maximise the benefit from your Solar generated energy because it allows the home owner to capture surplus daytime generated that is not immediately used by the home, which would otherwise be exported for a credit. Because the value of an exported kWh of energy to the grid is significantly less than what its costs to purchase back that same kWh from the Grid in non-productive evening hours, this is the best way to maximise the financial return from your investment in Solar. In many cases the most important benefit is to provide an emergency power supply in the event of a Grid failure. All of which provide a significant benefit to the home owner.

Adding batteries to a system incurs extra investment, however they are steadily becoming more cost effective and now offer a greater return on investment. This is due to a shift away from conventional lead-acid and Gel technology to the significantly greater performance properties of lithium-ion technology (ten-year warranty in most cases), and higher yield of energy from new technology have made battery investment a more viable proposition.

There are now a range of scalable battery solutions’ available. These are modular solutions that allow the home owner to invest in a modest size battery facility. This flexibility enables you to test the return on investment before committing to larger system, or simply to spread the capital investment over a period of time. This may also occur for example, if your average daytime consumption decreases, or if you choose to expand the size the rooftop array, thereby generating more surplus energy.

Many of our clients choose to future proof for battery integration at a later date by investing in a Hybrid inverter that has extra functionality above a normal String Inverter to manage a battery facility, so that they have the option to integrate batteries when they choose to do so.

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