Commercial – 72.0kWp – Christchurch

Case Study

This installation is on a Timber PreNail Truss and Frame factory located in Christchurch. The business utilises a lot of power in its manufacturing operations and being that they operate primarily during daylight hours, and had a significant North facing roof area to utilise so they saw a good opportunity to benefit from investment in a Solar array.

This 72.0kWp system consisted of 180 x Jinko 400Watt modules, and a SMA Core1 String Inverter. The flush mounted panels were laid out in 12 rows of 15 modules, interspersed between the clear light sheets so as not to compromise daylight entering the premises, and to comply with fire safety regulations. The Inverter was also roof top mounted for efficiency in wiring and to minimise internal clutter.

The system is expected to generate 2/3 of their annual power requirement, and resulted in a payback period of just over 6 years and a 16% Return on Investment.

The installation was successfully coordinated to be carried out during business hours so as not to interfere with their daily operations, and the final internal connections and livening was carried out after hours. Our comprehensive H&S procedures were put in place on a site specific plan to ensure all ran smoothly, and all potential risks for both our own installers and clients staff were identified and managed.