Residential – String Inverter – Raglan

Case Study

This was one of our first Solaflex installs in NZ which took place in 2016. The site was right next to the coast and breaking surf, and therefore exposed to some pretty extreme weather conditions. As well as the aesthetic benefits from this integrated solution, the customer was drawn to the SolaFlex Laminates due to its superior wind resistance properties and the fact that there was less chance of corrosion occurring in this salty environment.

He had made enquiries with another company that had offered supply of the product at the time, but they were unable to provide any of the other necessary hardware, or installation services. So he was very pleased to be able to get a turn key installation from us based on a customised design to ensure he go the best outcome with no stress.

The array consisted of 20 of the longer 6m strips, and was supported by a 5kW SMA Sunny Boy String Inverter. The system has been operating for over 4 years now and customer has reported recently that the system continues to perform very well from a physical point of view because the integrity of the adhesion to the roof remains sound, and by looking at the monitoring data gathered of actual generation, it exceeds the forecasted generation levels.